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How it all started..


About 40 odd years ago I fell in love for the first time. He was handsome, muscular, blonde.. and called Herbie.

He lived at the local riding stables, not far from my parents’ house in Jersey. Sadly he was kept alone and tethered and was desperate for company but a more gorgeous Golden Guernsey you couldn't find. We bonded immediately and I think the love was mutual. We had a couple of happy years together until he ended up overeating (according to his owners) and died.

From that time I was smitten but it was not until 2015 that I was in a position to start my own small herd. I started with two wethers (neutered males) and a doe, and then Myrtle, my girl, had kids following a (very) brief romance in Weston-super-Mare. 

What I wasn't prepared for following the birth was the quantity of milk she started to produce! There is only my husband and I at home and frankly, there are only so many milk based drinks you can get through in a day. Additionally, neither of us are great fans of yogurt. I made a bit of goat's cheese now and again but still the milk kept piling up. I resorted to Google for some inspiration which is where I discovered recipes for goat's milk soap. I hadn't actually purchased a bar of soap for years, opting instead for shower gel and liquid soap. I could never be described as a girly-girl and feel quite nauseous when I pass the well known high street soap shop as I can't stand the overpowering smell. I do however enjoy making my own gifts for people and therefore started making the odd batch of soap using essential oils. It was a hit with friends and family, with even my roughty-toughty husband commenting on the benefits to his skin! It also seemed to help my daughter-in-law's eczema.


After a little more research on the rules and regulations I finally got The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company up and running and started selling it at my local farmers' market and craft fairs.


I have made numerous mistakes along the way and my sales technique needs working on! (Telling a prospective customer that I thought a certain essential oil smells like cat wee isn't going to sell my soap... apparently.)

Despite this I'm delighted to say that our customers really seem to love the soap. I hope you do too! Tracy

Meet The 'Staff'

Myrtle smiling.JPG

I’m Myrtle, Head of Production at The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company, the face that launched a thousand soaps and Uffculme Villages' pin-up goat! I have a beautiful daughter Nora following a very brief love affair at Weston-super-Mare several years ago. I recently returned to this seaside town for another 'date night' and I'm now looking forward to hearing the patter of tiny hoofs in a few months time!

The name's Spartacus, evil genius and herd 'enforcer'. I'm adept with a sliding bolt and once held our human hostage in the milking shed until she had to break the door down. I'm an attention seeker and apparently lack moral fibre!

Sly Sparty_edited.jpg

I’m Nora, I'm an independent lady and very much my own goat. I will only jump up on the milking stand WHEN I WANT TO! Additionally, I will only allow myself to be cuddled WHEN I PERMIT IT! (I have a very needy human) I AM NOT A DIVA!!

My name's Gladys, the baby of the herd. My human thinks I'm the most beautiful goat in the entire world.. and who am I to disagree! I love dried pasta, cuddles and being brushed, in that order. I'm currently studying for a Masters in pick-pocketing and will be graduating a lot sooner than anticipated. 

Gladys Gruff.jpg
prudence on bridge.JPG

Hi, I'm Prudence. I'm a bit of an outsider as I came from a big milking herd.

Sadly I'd been a 'Child Bride' and had produced two lots of kids before I was three years old. I was surplus to requirements and things weren't looking rosy. Fortunately I have now found my forever home at Uffculme. I do get pushed around a bit by the others but have trained Tracy to give me extra attention. 

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