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A message from Spartacus.....

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Tis I Spartacus of Elderberry Goat farm, oh yes and the soap company that our carer Tracy goes on about. I felt that it was time for me to assert my authority over Myrtle, who is a jolly good old gal but who we ask is the power behind the throne? The answer of course!!

Myrtle has let her notoriety go to her head I'm afraid and really, her ego has rather overwhelmed me recently, but no longer.

Her coy references to Weston-super Mare were rather hurtful to me (for obvious reasons) as we are just good friends. However lately there have been rumours that she thinks she is a supermodel which is just ridiculous! After all who is it who has superbly coloured (with no artificial additions) fleece ,gleaming in the sunshine, and the superior height and bearing? Once again tis I Spartacus!!

Myrtle has even told me to smarten up, polish my hooves, and consult a dentist, which is just too much, even for a she goat with an ego the size of several catering packs of pasta.

Our carer Tracy, I am glad to say, has always appreciated my firm stance with visitors, just a nibble if they get too friendly, as one has to maintain one`s dignity, but also my tolerance of those visitors whose admiration for me is obvious, and well deserved.

I may not have an award ..yet.... it is of course only a matter of time until this is rectified, and then we shall see who has an "amuse bouche"!


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