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A rather traumatic arrival........

Well Hello! I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Mango and I’m the very latest addition to the Elderberry Bottom Goat Herd. My appearance into this world was apparently a little traumatic for some. Let me explain..... There I was, floating around in my little cozy space, all dark, warm and snuggly. (To be fair the space had recently started to become a little congested and perhaps a bit too ‘bijou’.) Suddenly I was woken from my slumber by a huge brouhaha. There was a great deal of loud bleating and the next thing I knew a colossal human hand starts pulling on my legs. Well what a Liberty! I’d be dammed if I wasn’t going without a fight so I braced myself and clung on but the hand kept pulling me towards the light.... Before I could say ‘Baaaaaa’ I was dragged into this enormous bright but cold space. The loud bleating immediately stopped and this beautiful golden vision, who I have named ‘Mum’, started making a fuss over me. There were some humans nearby, one giant of a man (to whom the offending hand was attached) and I have since been informed is called ‘a Vet’ (to be avoided at all cost). There was also a rather unkempt woman who had water leaking from her eyes. She has since been identified as our care provider Tracy. I’ve decided that I actually quite like my new surroundings. I have two other cousins to play with and I have adapted Tracy’s ample thighs into a bouncy trampoline. The sun is shining, I have milk on tap and life is good!

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