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Are we Ethical??

Updated: Jul 15

Okay, this is a sensitive subject and I known that no vegan would agree that any animal products should be used.

We do of course use the milk for the soap and drink raw goats milk (delicious by the way…not like the supermarket stuff!)

We still try and be as ethical as we can and intend to remain very small scale. I only have 6 goats (including Spartacus, our naughty neutered boy)

We will only breed one goat at a time and some years don’t breed any. All the kids remain with their mums until they are naturally weaned. We then use any excess milk and eventually dry the girls off. The kids either stay with us and some of the neutered boys have gone to homes as pets. The homes are always vetted and must be 5 star quality!! They will NEVER go for meat!

I cannot emphasise enough how much I love my goats. My husband knows his place in the pecking order which is somewhere after Spartacus😁. If anyone has any doubts about how my beasties are looked after they are more than welcome to visit😁.


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