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Bouncy Boys (May 2022)

Greetings Goat Lovers!!,

It’s me again, Eunice from Elderberry Bottom with some very exciting news!!!

Last time you heard from me was several months ago following my brief trip to the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. As you may recall my initial disappointment of not actually getting to the beach was more than made up for upon meeting the incredibly handsome and aromatic Casanova. 

This boy was every lady goat’s dream, long flowing golden fleece with an enormous pair of horns…I mean…what’s not to like???

On the down side our liaison was a little brief for my liking, however his striking and pungent bouquet lingered for several weeks to remind me of our tryst. 

As time moved on and the last faint whiff of Eau De Casanova disappeared I realised that I was starting to get a little portly. I’d always been very proud of my sleek lines but the squeals emitted by Tracy every time I tried to jump on her lap made me appreciate that perhaps I was over indulging.

The trouble was I just couldn’t stop eating and was constantly famished. I gorged every meal that was put before me but nothing could satiate my incredible hunger.

On the plus side however a month ago I started to develop a rather fine pair of udders. I’d always felt a little inadequate in that area particularly as Gladys would often flaunt her pendulous pair in my direction but now I found myself in the same league!

 Well, jump forward a couple of weeks and I started to feel a little uncomfortable and bloated. I thought perhaps I really had crammed too much food in this time and had a touch of indigestion. This continued all afternoon until I could stand it no more. At the same time I felt the urgent need to push and low and behold two stunning baby goats popped out!!!

Who knew that by eating so much food you could produce babies???? Spookily enough they bear a striking resemblance to the lovely Casanova from Weston….

Anyway, we have named them Horace and Hercule and they are stunners.

Lots of Love & Bleats


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