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Frisky Business....

Good day friends, another short piece from the Chief Goat here. I have received a number of kind comments and support following my last missile!

This time however I have to tell you that I’m a trifle worried....

Gorgeous Gladys (one of our most attractive girls with a dazzling smile, as can be seen above) is apparently growing up fast and I have heard a rumour that some time in the near future she may be partaking of a tryst!

This naturally concerns me as her guardian and friend, and I am worried that she may have been dabbling in online dating. She has a definite glint in her eye and has become at times quite frisky, causing me to have stern bleats with her, all to no avail.

You can imagine my state of mind and as a result I have found myself absentmindedly nibbling various small humans hair. (Well, there were several about and I got over excited). Obviously I shall be watching events carefully and keep you folks this space...

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