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Lovin' Lockdown!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020


‘Tis I, Myrtle, Chief Spokesgoat for The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company and, perhaps unknown to some, International Supermodel (a story for another occasion....)

I thought I’d keep you updated on what’s been happening at Elderberry Bottom during these strange times!

We were expecting a quiet year. None of us gals had tootled off to Weston-super-Mare for a ‘date night’ so no little Bleaters were due to put in an appearance. (This was just as well as Mabel, my wayward youngest, continues to be quite demanding!)

Anyway, our sole intention was to put our hoofs up, graze and chill during 2020.

It came as quite a surprise therefore when we overheard Tracy, our care provider and poo sweeper-upper, chewing the cud with a passing walker about something called ‘lock down’.

We could tell from her tone that this was not a happy situation!

Things took a downward turn when we noticed our favourite snack, dried pasta, suddenly disappeared off the menu. Tracy informed us that pasta had become quite the luxury item as she headed off back down the field concealing our catering bag of fusilli under her coat.

Despite this the situation began to improve over the next few weeks. Suddenly we were meeting lots of new people who were discovering the lovely walk past our stable up to the Woods. Those of you who have met us know that we LUUURVE attention and we were certainly getting plenty of it. Spartacus in particular was a big hit with the ladies. We repaid the attention by being completely adorable whilst at the same time entertaining the tiny humans by producing copious quantities of lookalike chocolate chips.

All in all our lockdown experience has been very rewarding and the icing on the cake came when I was recently presented with a ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ Plastic Free Champion award.

The war on plastic is a cause us girls at The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company hold close to our hearts. Not only does it taste disgusting (nibbling everything is in our genes, we can’t help ourselves) but it’s a danger to wildlife and the planet in general. In these days of extra hand washing you can rely on a bar of Dirty Old Goat Soap to be single use plastic free!

Here is a picture of me receiving the award just prior to having a little Amuse Bouche of the presenters skirt.....Happy Days.....

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