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Seaside Romance (Dec 2022)

Greeting Goat Fans,

Let me introduce myself. My names Eunice and I’m the youngest and most adorable member of the Elderberry Bottom Goat Herd.

Since I was a young carefree kid I had often overheard my Mum and Aunts reflecting on their visits to Weston-super-Mare.

There would be lots of whispering, giggling and the odd wink but as I approached they would suddenly stop talking and start grazing. I eventually summoned up the courage to ask Mum directly what happened at the sea side resort. She smiled gently and bleated kindly that I would find out soon enough!

Well, a few weeks ago I woke up feeling remarkably ‘playful’. I don’t know what came over me but I found myself overwhelmingly attracted to Spartacus. Now, if you had asked me on any other day I would have confessed that I not only find him physically repulsive (he’s a bully with no manners) but he’s also far too old!

I could be due to his great age that despite my continual encouragement he really didn’t want to play. Mum eventually took me aside and explained that his disinterest had nothing to do with his age but related to some small operation he’d undergone at the vets several years ago. She advised me that it was probably time to visit Weston for some fun.

Well that afternoon Poo girl and her Fleeceless male encouraged me into their limousine and off we set. I couldn’t contain my excitement but was a little concerned that they had forgotten to pack a bucket, spade and sun tan lotion. Additionally it was the middle of December and a little chilly for beach wear.

On our arrival at Weston I realised something was ahoof when I dismounted in a farmyard rather than on the sun kissed sands of Super-Mare. On a positive note there in front of me were three stunning golden boys. All were wearing a rather delicious blend of cologne which I found irresistible.

Poo girl indicated towards one of the boys who i discovered was called Casanova (yes, that really was his name!!) Unlike Spartacus this boy was ready to play!!

After a quick couple of games of piggy back and within what seemed like minutes I was being ushered back into the vehicle without even a sniff of sea air!

Since returning home I’ve been feeling a little queasy in the mornings and have developed a yearning for pickled hay and molasses. Who knew it could be soooo delicious!!

Anyway, will keep you all updated when I have more news!

Lots of Love


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