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The Vacation.....

Greetings My Lovelies No doubt you have all been extremely concerned at the lack of updates from us ‘Gals’ at Elderberry Bottom. Well, between you and me I can reveal the reason is due to a recent trauma we have endured and I have only just recovered sufficiently to put pen to paper. Now, when it comes to mounting my soap box for a good old moan, I think I’m more entitled than the majority….. (Additionally I have more soap boxes than most of you!!) So here goes…… We became aware that something was ahoof when the poo girl changed her fleece from an insipid dull grey to a rather brassy blond, days later she painted her trotters a violent shade of ‘arterial red’. Having experienced this on previous occasions we knew it could only mean one thing…… she was off on holiday, or as we prefer to say ‘Neglecting her duties’.

During happier times she has left us in the capable (and softer) hands of Ann & Hannah but sadly this was not to be.

We were only to discover our dire fate when ‘The Fleeceless One’ arrived one morning bearing the milking bucket, churn and a look of eager anticipation. As head goat I felt obliged to ‘take one for the team’ and trotted, albeit reluctantly, into the milking shed. I won’t go into detail for those of you with a sensitive disposition albeit to say I emerged ‘drained’. I bleated a quick ‘Save yourselves Sisters’ but it was too late for Mabel who was hauled in and up onto the milking stand. Fortunately for Gladys and Nora they got the gist of the situation and hightailed it up the field. We were then rewarded with hours of entertainment as Fleeceless chased the ‘Gals’ around without much success. He knew he was beaten and eventually stalked off, dejected, to his own stable. Now I’m a little ‘mutton’ in my old age but as he disappeared over the style I’ll swear I heard him say words to the effect of “Those bucking little bleaters need a trip to the butchers” Anyway Poo Girl has now returned (not before time) and equilibrium has been restored. More news from Elderberry Bottom soon! Take care Blossoms Love Myrtle. X

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